Excellent customer service and even better people! Would choose Cedar Creek over anyone in the big country!! Very fast and price was very reasonable!

Trenton C., 2021

I saw Cedar Creek Land Management on Facebook and reached out to JT to see if he would be interested in clearing a lane for me through brush and mesquites to a favorite hunting spot. My place is in Jones County so we got together, he quoted me a price I felt was fair and we shook hands on the spot. He not only cleared a lane for me, but he also created a clearing that is a perfect area for my feeder. Cedar Creek went beyond expectations leaving just the right amount of mature trees but opening a hunting area that is perfect!

Lynn W., 2021

Jim smoothed up my driveway and ground three tree stumps. He did excellent work and was quick in doing so!! I highly recommend his work!

Hughie G., 2021